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Starting from the Yeeflow update which is released on 01 Sept. 2022, we transferred all of our editing controls to a new context menu, that appears when you Right Click a Page/Section/Column/control handle.


The context menu is a popup menu that appears when users right click an element in the Yeeflow form/page designer. This popup menu offers a set of available actions based on location or the selected element.




Allow the Clipboard

As the Copy/Paste functions will leverage the system clipboard, so when the first time you try to right click any element on the designer's canvas, a Pop-up dialog will show up on the top-left of your web browser (near to the address bar). Please click the "Allow" button to active the Clipboard.



If you did not click the "Allow" button, or clicked the "Block" button, you can do allow this access later by clicking the "warning icon" after the address bar, then choose "Always allow to see the clipboard" option and click the "Done" button.



Pro Tip, we recommend to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (with chromium) to design your application. 



From the context menu, using the  duplicate function to quickly create a copy of the selected control. The duplicated element will be placed below the selected element.



When you Right Click you’ll find the Copy and Paste functions. There are three different types of Copy/Paste:


  1. Copy/Paste elements

    Now you can simply Copy an element (Control, Column or Section) and Paste it anywhere on the page. When pasting on top of an element, the pasted element will be placed below it.




  2. Copy/Paste element Style

    With Paste Style, you can paste just the style of any element you copy (Control, Column or Section), then apply it on any other Control, Column or Section.




  3. Copy/Paste Between Pages

    Copy Paste and Copy Style actually work between pages! You can Copy any Control, Column or Section, and Paste it on a different page on your site.



  4. Copy/Paste Between Organizations

    If you have multiple organizations in Yeeflow. The Copy Paste and Copy Style also work across organizations! You can Copy any Control, Column or Section, and Paste it from one organization to another organization. This will be very helpful when if you have an organization as the Test environment and another organization as the production environment.


Copy/Paste field controls

The field controls are part of the Approval form and List form.


Approval form field controls

For Approval form, the field controls are Text Box, Number, Dropdown, Sub List etc. which are contained under the Basic Fields and Advanced Fields groups. For those field controls, each one is associated with a variable:



When you Copy/Paste one or multiple field control(s), a pop-up dialog will show up which 2 options:



Continue with existing variables: Choose this option will have the pasted field control's associated variable be the same as the copied field control(s), which means the 2 field controls will associate to the same variable. 



Create new associated variables: Choose this option will create a new associated variable for the pasted field control(s). You can then change the field ID and field Name for the pasted field control as needed.



List form field controls

The Custom list form of data lists includes 2 type of field controls: the Custom List Fields and the Default List Fields. Each field has the unique Field ID.


When you Copy/Paste one or multiple field control(s) from the List form designer, a pop-up dialog will show up which 2 options:



Continue with existing fields: Choose this option, then the system will try to create a new field with the same Field ID. If the current list has the same Field ID existed, then create a new field with a new Field ID. So this option mostly will be used when you try to copy the field(s) from one data list to another data list.


Create new list fields: Choose this option will create a new Field (in the data list) for the pasted field control(s). 



Pro Tips:


  1. The Default list fields (like: Id, Created By, Created Time, Modified By and Modified Time) on list form are not allowed to copy/paste, so if you paste the elements which include those fields, Yeeflow will automatically ignore those fields. 
  2. If you copy elements from an Approval form to a List form, or a Dashboard, the form field controls won't be pasted and will be ignored. 
  3. If you copy elements from a List form to an Approval form, or a Dashboard, the list field controls won't be pasted and will be ignored. 



Reset Style

You can easily return to the default style settings of every element by right clicking and choosing Reset Style.



Navigator is a navigation tree panel providing easy access to every element on the designer with just one click. Navigator enables the user to drag elements throughout the page and edit them, quickly and easily. Click to learn more.

You can also right click on the elements listed in the navigation tree panel to open the context menu.





To remove/delete an element from the designer, you can click the "Delete" button, and the pop-up dialog, click "OK" button.

If you delete a Section, Column, or Grid, the contained controls will be delete as well.

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