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After the form report is created. Users with proper access permission will be able to access the report.


Search report records

Users can filter records by clicking the "Filter" button after the report name:


Users can select fields and set filter conditions like equal, between, greater than, not empty etc. You can combine multiple filter conditions by clicking the "+ Add filter" button. Click "Apply" button to display the results.



Change or add filter fields

If you cannot find the fields from the filter dialog, you can change the filter settings by clicking the "More Settings" button and select "Filter Settings" item from the drop-down menu.


Pro Tip: The "More Settings" button will only be available for users who are the admin of the current application or the system admin.


Custom color for row items

As the admin of the current application, you can customize the row color based on specific field's value. For example, you can set different color based on the form's status (Completed, In Progress, Rejected etc.), or the category of the PR for the example below:



View form details

If the report is set to "Allow users to access the form's detail page", users will be able to click each row to open the form.


Export report

If the report is set to "Allow users to export the report", the "Export Report" button will be available for users to export the records to excel file.



When export the report, users are allowed to select the related fields, and change the orders from the pop-up window. Only fields which are included in this report can be selected.



Change form name and description

To change the form name and description, go click the "More Settings" button from the top right, and select "Edit Report" item from the drop-down menu.





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