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If you are the system admin, or the application admin, you can change settings of a form report, like edit form name and description, change access permissions, make a copy of the report, or move the report to another application etc. You can do so by clicking the "More Settings" button from the top right:



Edit Properties

Click the settings button from the top right of a form report and click "Edit Report" from the drop-down menu to open the Edit Report dialog.


You can change the form name and description here. Click "OK" button to save your changes.


Change Report Fields

To change the fields of this report, click the "Report fields" item from the drop-down menu. 


Check or uncheck to add or remove fields or change sort number to re-order fields here.


Change or add filter fields

If you cannot find the fields from the filter dialog, you can change the filter settings by clicking the "Filter Settings" item from the drop-down menu.


Select new fields from the bottom drop-down list and click Add button to add to the filter fields list, or click "Remove" button from the end of the listed fields to remove them from the filter fields.


Change Access Permissions

To change the access permissions of a form report, click the "Access permissions" item from the drop-down menu to open the permission settings dialog.



Duplicate Form Reports

If you want to re-use an existing form report in the current application or another application, you can make a copy of one form report by clicking the "Duplicate" item from the settings drop-down menu. This will open the duplicate form dialog. You can choose the target workspace and application, then set the new form's name.



Click the "Duplicate report" button to make a copy of the current form report into the target application. You can then go find the new form report from inside the target application. 


Pro Tip: If your account is the system admin, you can select any workspace and application. If your account is a normal user, you can only select the application which you have the admin permission (which is called application admin).


Move form report

To move a form report to another application, you can click the "Move" item from the settings drop-down menu. This will open the "Move form report to another application" dialog. Select the target workspace, and application, and click "Move report" button. 



Delete Form Report

To delete an existing form report, click the "Delete Report" item from the settings drop-down menu. From the delete form dialog, type in "delete" to confirm this operation. 







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