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Yeeflow team
Yeeflow team
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Yeeflow on Microsoft Teams is designed to help the Teams users to build the centralized workflow and application platform. Teams users can use Yeeflow to create cross-department workflows, forms and application. It’s flexible and customizable. You can use the powerful form designer, workflow designer and application builder to configure your business scenarios with just drop and drop, and no coding required.


Yeeflow is deeply integrated with Microsoft Teams. Including the SSO with Office 365 accounts and the integration with conversation bot and teams tab.

Integration with Conversation Bot

You can use the conversation bot to check your pending tasks, receive notifications and approve or reject the workflow approval tasks directly in the conversation.


Design Forms and Workflows

Login with your Office 365 account to access Yeeflow.


Yeeflow provides the form designer and workflow designer while you can design your online forms, and define the workflows based on the conditions.


Create your business applications

With Yeeflow you can create your own business application. Use the content lists as a database of your business data. You can customize the list fields with different data type, create different type of views like data table, gallery, calendar, Gantt chart etc. and manage the permissions and trigger workflows.


Visualize your application data with dashboard. A dashboard is a configurable page which can add different types of blocks. You can design the dashboard as you need.


You can create your application from scratch, and the great application templates can help you create application quickly. You can choose our application templates to install and customize anytime.


Manage your personal work items

With “My Items”, you can check all your pending tasks, completed tasks, and the request you submitted. Each user can set the personal user profile, and select languages, time zone, the date format etc.


Workflow Settings by Admin

If you are the Yeeflow system administrator, you can see “Workflow Settings” from “My items”. Click to access more functions particularly for Admin. From the workflow settings, you can check all the workflows you created in “Workflow Definition”, check all the active workflows from “Published workflow”, and check all the pending tasks in your organization from “Active tasks”. You can also create reports, and check the dashboard and KPIs of workflows.


System Settings by Admin

The admin Tab in the Yeeflow on Microsoft Teams App is only accessible for Yeeflow system administrator. Within Admin, you can manage your company profile, manage your organization and users, manage the user groups and positions etc.


Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps. You can create different teams in your organization for collaboration.

Yeeflow for Teams Tab

Yeeflow integrated with Teams Tab, in each team, you can add a new Yeeflow tab, and create a new application or attach an existing application. With the Yeeflow tab function, you can share information, tracking works and collaborate with your team members.


Using Yeeflow on your PC and Mobile

Yeeflow support for multi-devices access. You can use your PC or the mobile apps of Microsoft teams. And you work with your team anytime from anywhere.

Yeeflow on Microsoft Teams Mobile App (iOS / Andriod)


Start using Yeeflow on your Teams

Yeeflow is published to Microsoft Teams App Store. Just go to the Teams app store, and search “Yeeflow”, and install. Then you can start the free trail in minutes.


Start now and enjoy the “no-code” application creation world!


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