Users without list admin permissions can filter list items as shown in the image below:


The fields they can select as filters are the default fields created by system. To provide more filter options, list admins need to set filers in the related view settings.


Set list filters in the specific view

Please note that the filter setting only effect on the current view. As a list admin, you may consider set filters for each view.


Access the settings page of the view which you want to set filters, click Settings for Search & Filters.


On the Search & Filters settin page, there are 6 default filters, you can click the dropdown list to select another field and click Add to make it as a filter in this view.


You can also set orders of the filters, hide or delete the ones you don’t need. But the default fields which are created by system cannot be removed, you can hide them if you don't want these filters.


Now users can use these filters in the current view.


You can also set fixed value for the filter, this will limit the data display range in the view. E.g. In this view, only display the records which belongs to category "Hardwood".


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