How to set filter condition and search data in data list?

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Users without list admin permissions can filter list items as shown in the image below:



The fields users can select, as the filter conditions, are the default fields created by system. To provide more filter options, list admins need to set user filters in the related view settings.


Set user filters in the specific view

Please note that the filter setting only effect on the current view. As a list admin, you may consider set filters for each view.

Click "Edit view" from the more options button:


From the view settings page, Click Settings button in the user filters section:


Select the fields from left fields list to add to the selected fields on the right:


You can change dragging the item to change the display orders of selected fields, or remove the selected fields by clicking the close button at the end of each item. Click OK to save your settings.

Then, get back to your list, and click filter button, You should be able to see the selected fields in the dropdown list.



Set data filters in the specific view

As the admin of this data list, you can set the data filters condition. Data filters help to filter the records which will be included in this view.


For example, if you want to create a personal view, which will also include the records created by the current user, then you can set the data filters like below:



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