How to edit your list views?

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Learn list view settings, like view's permission, filter, order

As a list admin, you may create multiple views for you list. In this article , we will talk about the settings of list views.

Switch to the view you want to edit. Click the menu button on the top then click Edit View.


Each style view has its specific items to edit.


Generally you need to define these of "Name", "URL", "View Permission" and "Search& Filters"; the "Display fields" and "Order" is need per view style.


Below is a demo to edit a general view - List View.


1. Name & URL

Edit the name and URL of the view. It's suggested to provide a brief and meaningful word for the URL, Yeeflow will auto-generate a complete URL address ended with this word.


2. Set the view as Default

Once the view is ticked as a default view, the view permission will be set to "All users" (Users who have the permissions to access this list). The default view cannot be deleted.


3. View Permissions

Beside the default view, for other views, you can specify users who can have the access rights through setting permissions.


Choose "Specified Users", then click the user selection button. In the popped up window, you can specify users, organizations or user groups.


4. Display Fields

Click "Settings" to define the display fields for current view. You may set both view for PC and mobile. Tick these fields and order them.


5. Data display order

This is to set default display order of data in the current view. You can set primary order and secondary order. For example, sort by name first, then by created time in reverse order.


6. Search & Filters

Click "Settings" to define the search fields and filter condition.


  • 6.1 These five fields and one title field(renamed as Name in the demo image above) are the default filters, you can tick to hide them but they can not be removed from search fields.

  • 6.2 Select more fields from dropdown list and then click "Add" to make the selected field as a search field.

  • 6.3 Fixed Value will make a filter condition. This will limit the data display range in the view.

  • 6.4 Remove the filter if you don't need it, except the 6 default filters.

More information: How to set filters for your list?

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