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The data list block creates a specific table view from source data list.

You may associate any source data list in your Yeeflow account, and manage the display fields, filter condition and limited records for this block.  Furthermore you may activate the command bar that can be an alternative entrance to add, edit, delete, import and export data item(s) for the source Data List.

Differences and Definition

Settings - how to work

Publish and Re-Edit


Differences and Definition

A source "Data List" that is used for managing business logic and data.

>> Learn more about the source Data List.

Instead of that, you add this block "Data List" to have some specific display fields in sorted by conditions generally.

This block helps to draw attention to the most important records. For example, if you need to see the these deals in progress(see below), or the five most recently published pieces from your editorial calendar, or all high-priority bugs. etc. 


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After adding a data list in your dashboard, you may have below basic items to manage.


Down arrow menu

Click the down arrow,  you will have all settings for this block.

  • Rename your block - it will be defaulted as the block name and you may define it at anytime. 
  • Settings - it will go to Setting page and let you associate/bind source Data List, refer to below ②. 
  • Delete(this block) - it will delete this block from this dashboard page. 
  • Show Title - it will be defaulted as show and you may switch it off as applicable. 
  • Auto height - it will be defaulted as hide and you may switch it on as applicable. 

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When at the settings page, you need associate this block with the source data list that you're intending to display.


Item Description
a. Application

It will be auto-selected as the Application that your dashboard in. 

You may select any other Application in your Yeeflow account. 

b. List

The source Data list. It will be auto-selected as the first Data List under the above Application. 

You may select any other corresponding Data List under that Application. 

c. Display Fields

Click Setting at right and a pop-up windows will provide all the fields from the selected source Data List.

You will have PC and Mobile view to set its display. And you may order these selected fields in PC view. 

d. Primary/Secondary Order

It helps to set data in display by the primary and then the secondary fields. 

With the default of "Empty", it will be list by the created time in in ascending order.

e. Filter


It helps to filter data in defined conditions. 

Click Setting at right and a pop-up windows to set expression condition(s) from the selected source Data List.


Note: Only these index field(s) can be selected as condition.

>> Learn the index field in source data list as you may need go back to source Data List for index adding.

>> Learn more about Expression Editor for your filter condition

f. Limit Records

It limits 5 records by default and you may up to 20 records. 

Or switch it off to display all records as defined.

g. Show Command Bar

It's off by default and you may switch it on to display command bar on the top. 

The command bar contains:

  • Filter 
  • Sort
  • Search
  • Add(new record) - per user's permission
  • Tick box (for selected delete or export)- per user's permission
  • Import  - per user's permission
  • Export - per user's permission
  • Refresh button mceclip0.png - manual refresh the data from its source
  • Expand button mceclip1.png  - expand this block to a full window page

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Drag Button

A drag button has a feature that lets you drag this block to a droppable place with continually holding the mouse, and drop it by releasing the mouse button. 

Zoom Arrow

The zoom arrow is at the right bottom of this block.  It lets you drag this block to a visual and suitable size with the mouse, drop it by releasing the mouse button. 

Generally you will use it after it's published and conform to or suit something.

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Publish and Re-Edit

All settings will be effective when it's published. 

Add a block will let you add more block(s) in this Dashboard page. You may also add multiple Data List blocks in this page.

Click Publish to make it(them) effective.


Anything you need to adjust or modify, click Edit Page at the right top of this page.  Then you can edit all blocks as appropriate.


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