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When you have a table with lots of numbers that need summarizing, when you want to compare subsets of records, or when you’re trying to find trends, a pivot table is your best friend.

A pivot table is a versatile tool that helps you summarize the information in a table by slicing and dicing it so you can look at it from different perspectives. It works by grouping records together based on either one or two fields, and summarizing the data from those records, either by counting the number of records per group, or by using a specific summary function (like sum, average, or maximum) on another field.


Click the setting button of the block to expand the setting page:


On the setting page, choose an application and a corresponding list which will be displayed in the block. Once selecting the list, fields in this list will be displayed as below:


Drag fields to the right panel for rows and columns:


After setting the rows and columns for the pivot table, select a field to be the display value.


If the data needs to be filtered to display, click Setting.


E.g. Display data created in a period only. 


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