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As a Yeeflow administrator, you have the full control of the system settings. You can manage your company/organization profile as:

  • Organization Name
  • Organization Settings: region/language/time zone/ currency/date format
  • System Administrator
  • Custom Themes:  logo/background/text color



Click setting buttonmceclip0.png on the top right to navigate to the admin center, then click the Company Information to manage your organization info.


1. Manage Organization Name 

The first section of the company information page includes your Organization's display name, custom URL, and the unique ID (you might be requested to provide this Organization ID when you need to get help from our support team).




Click the first Edit  (on the right of "Organization Name & URL"),  you may edit this organization name as applicable. 

Note: Your organization URL was set when the organization was setup.  You need contact  reasonable explanations if you would like to change. 


2. Manage Organization Settings

Click the second Edit  (on the right of "Organization Settings"),  you may edit as:

  • Country / Region - Select one from drop-down list
  • Contact Email 
  • Phone
  • Technical Contact
  • Preferred language  - Select one from drop-down list. Yeeflow has 5 languages (English/Chinese(simplified); Chinese(traditional); Japanese and German) to choose.
  • Time zone  - Select one from dropdown list.
  • Currency  - Select one from drop-down list. 
  • Date Format  - Select one from drop-down list. Yeeflow has 3 date formats (YYYY/MM/DD; DD/MM/YYYY; MM/DD/YYYY) to choose.


3. Manage System Administrator

From the system administrator section, click the third Edit  (on the right of "System Administrator").



You may add more user(s) or remove someone in this list. 



Warning:  You cannot remove an organization's subscriber. 


4. Custom Themes

Click the fourth Edit  (on the right of "Custom Themes"). You can change the logo image and custom the background color, font-color. 



Updated Preview

Upon some successfully updates, click the company name on left top to refresh, and you will see the new organization name and customized themes. 


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