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As an administrator, you can use Metadata to maintain kinds of properties or other data information. Metadata can be used in forms including workflow form and list form.

Create a new Metadata

Click the system setting buttonmceclip0.png on the top right corner of Yeeflow, on the system setting page, click Metadata.


To add a metadata category, click the iconmceclip2.png on the top left of the page.


On the popup window, type the category code and name, then click OK. Note that the code cannot be edited once created.


After creating a New Category, you can Add Subcategory by clicking the more actions icon on the category name. You can also add by clicking New on the right top.


Then on the popup window, type the information required, you can also set the order number.


You may Add Subcategory under subcategory and more. E.g. Expense Type is a metadata list with inherited objects.



Edit your Metadata

Please note that you can’t delete an existing metadata/category, once a metadata/category is created, it can only be edited or disabled.

To edit or disable a metadata, click the more actions icon and you will see the options. 

You can Disable a metadata category; Or you can Disable some subcategory data if any.


To enable a disabled category/subcategory (in red), click the more actions icon then click Enable.


Both Disable and Enable will be effective immediately. 

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