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As a Yeeflow administrator, you need to enable or disable some workflow instances. To do this, click setting buttonmceclip0.png on the top right to open the Admin Center, click "Workflow Settings".

On the left navigation bar, then click Workflow Instance.

You will see all status instance here. Click the right operation button, you will see the options:

1. Terminate: Only can be seen when the it's in process.  It can terminate this instance and the applicant can not re-submit.

2. Recall: Only can be seen when the it's in process.  It can recall this instance and the applicant can re-submit it again. 

3. Delete: It can delete this instance permanently and all relative data will be deleted.



You can also go to the detailed workflow instance and manage more information.

Clicking the Tracking No. and you will see the detailed information for this instance. You may have options:

1. Variable(View Details):  You can View or Edit each variable associated in this instance request. Please be noted it will change the value that may affect the instance's logic.

2. Operation(Terminate/Recall/Delete):  As stated above, you may take any of them by management required. 

3. Operation(Reassign /Supervise):  Only can be seen when the it's in process. 

  • Reassign:  it allows you to assign this task to another user if applicable. 
  • Supervise: it allows you to trigger a reminder task and email(if enabled) to the Assignee.  mceclip1.png

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