Getting Started: Create your first approval form

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How to add an approval form to your application?

In your application, when creating new components, choose "Approval Form" to start your first approval form design.


In the popup window, type the form name, id and description. Please note the uniqueness of form id which is used to distinguish workflow definitions.


Click "OK" after you fill all required information of the new approval form, then you will see a prompt box to ask if you would like to design the approval form right now.


You can choose "Cancel" to arrange other time to design it. And next time, on the unpublished form, click "Open Form Builder" or "Edit in Designer" to start your design work.


In the designer, design the form and the corresponding workflow. After finishing all jobs, you need to publish the approval form so users with request permissions can see this form and submit requests with it.


You can check the following articles to get help for form and workflow design:

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