Creating Custom Approval Buttons

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This article shows how to change the captions of the "Approve" ,"Reject" or"Complete" buttons shown in task forms. 

Default Captions in Task Panel

When a form review is created using the [Task Panel] control, buttons labeled "Approve" and "Reject" are added to the form.


Custom Approval Button and Captions

To change the button captions, use the other control of [Button] instead of [Task Panel] in task form(s)

Step #1: Drag and drop a [Text Area] as "ApprovalComments"

Normally, the control will be dropped on the top of "Workflow History".

You may customize the "Control Properties" as need but do turn off the "Readonly" in task form(s).


Step #2: Add and set [Actions] for approval buttons

Generally, you need add 3 form actions including "Approve";"Reject" and "Clear".


Action steps for "Approve"


Action steps for "Reject"

If 'Approvalcomment' is required to submit your rejection, You must have a Confirm Dialog which is included execution condition (e.g. the variable value is equal to empty) and confirm question(e.g. Please enter comments).


Action steps for "Clear"

A Clear step helps to remove the existing comments and then the approver will have a blank field in 'Approvalcomments' in further approval action.


Step #3: Add [Button] and customize your own buttons

As exampled, buttons labeled "Confirm" and "Decline".

You need select the execute action from configuration as above mentioned.



Step #4: Set [Page Properties] to execute actions

You have to set the 'Page Rule' only for the form(s) which is applicable. Please don't set this for the form which doesn't need these actions.

  • On Load:  Clear action is a must for approval form and it executes after form loaded.
  • On Submit/Approval/Complete: Select the action on their own form desinger. 
  • On Reject: Select the action if this form task is defined to 'Approval' type. Or leave it in blank as 'Complete' type.

Clear is a must and it will clear existing comments when reopen the form.


Step #5: Make a nice layout and display

You can build a nice layout and display to complete it. 

It suggests to assemble "ApprovalComments" and both buttons in one grid. 



Then a Dynamic Display Rules is a must to set for the grid. 


Now, You make it done and deploy it

If some more task forms need these customized buttons, you can copy this task form as a new one. 

The result of this demo form as shown with customized buttons :"Confirm" and "Decline", the approval comments will be noted under "Workflow history".




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