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If your organization has multiple locations, you may need to manage location information. Locations can be used for user profile, workflow approval etc.

You can manage locational information through:

Manage Location- Individually

Click setting button mceclip0.png  on the top right (Go to "Admin" if using MS teams client) , visit "Location".

You may 

  • Create a new location
  • Edit existing location(s)

1. Create a new location

Click +Add under your avatar. Input "Location Name" and "Location ID" .

The "Location ID" should be an unique ID.

The "Principal" for this location is optional to have, which can be related with some task roles if it has.

Click OK and it's created.


2. Edit Location

Click the action button at the end of this location item. You may

  • Edit any information as possible. Note: The "Location ID" can not change to an existing one. 
  • Delete it.  Note:  Once it's confirmed to delete, its relationships will be removed also. 


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