Quick Start - Sign Up with Microsoft Office 365 Account

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In this article, you will learn how to use your Microsoft Office 365 account to sign up Yeeflow. 

Before you start

Here are some things to know before this process.

  1. You can sign in to create a new account or to associate an existing account;
  2. The registered account will be automatically a Yeeflow administrator.
  3. Both Office 365 account and associated existing account will be bound as one account.

Below Includes

  1. Sign in for a new account
  2. Sign in and associate your existing Yeeflow account


1. Sign in for a new account

Step 1 - Visit the website and sign in

Navigate to Yeeflow.com and click the LOG IN on the right top. 


Alternatively, visit the website directly   Login to your account and you will see the sign-in option.


Click this option button and it will redirect to your Office 365 account's sign-in page. 


Step 2 - Create your new account

After your sign-in, we'll ask for required information to complete new account setup. 

Ensure that you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that you remain in compliance with these policies.

After you type these information, click "CONTINUE" and follow the prompts to finish the processes and log on your new Yeeflow account.



Step 3 - Successfully logon your new account

Upon a successful sign-up you'll be taken to your Yeeflow account's HOMEPAGE.

The Country&Region and Time Zone can be changed in your new account in case any mistake.


2. Sign in and associate your existing Yeeflow account

However, you may already signed up a Yeeflow account with email before, refer to Sign up with email .

Don't worry! You can move forward from above Step 2. 


Please enter your existing email account and SIGN IN


Then, you'll be taken to the HOMEPAGE of existing Yeeflow account.

You may have a check with your account and bind in Settings. 

Learn more about Settings.




After your sign-in, let's get to know some associated features:

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