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Note: This is only applicable for these requests before June 2020 as Yeeflow had a new inviting feature which is a replacement after then.

Yeeflow administrator need to approve the joining requests from your organizational user(s) which is applicable for Office 365 users and Wechat Work users. 

Once a user has submitted a request to join your Yeeflow organization, system will send an email to administrator's mailbox. You will be redirected to Yeeflow to approve the requests by clicking the link in the email. 

Alternatively you can go to Yeeflow and check who has applied to join directly in Yeeflow.


Approve or Reject pending approval

Click setting buttonmceclip0.png on the top right (Go to Admin if using MS teams client) , visit User Management.

Click Pending for Approval at the bottom of left bar. 

New requests will be listed in the approval pending list.


Click the request item in the list, a popup window will be displayed for approval.


  • Approve the request, you need to fill some profile information (the form can be customized) for this user.
  • Reject it and the user can not access your organization.]
  • Cancel it and it will be closed. 

Once you approve or reject the request, the user will receive an notification email with the approval result. 

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