How the Yeeflow Bot works with Teams Conversation

Yeeflow team
Yeeflow team

Yeeflow integrated with Teams Bot. Conversational bots allow users to interact with your web service through text, interactive cards, and task modules. After you installed Yeeflow, the fist tab which is called “Conversation” is the place where you can receive the Bot message.


Click the “Login” button to login the conversational bot via your Office 365 account.


In the web browser, click “Sign in with Office 365 Account” button, then login with your account. You will see a login successfully message in the next page.


Then you can just close the window and get back to your Teams.

You will see a new message from the conversation, and your bot is ready to work for you.


After your conversational bot is login, you will be able to automatically receive the Teams notifications. Like if an approval tasks is generated for the current user, the notification message card will be received from Teams as below:


The user then can “View Details” to check the detail information, or click “Approve/Reject” to make the decision directly from Teams:


You may also receive a notification message from Yeeflow. Like if a tasks list is set to send notification once a new item is created:


 You can try to type in “My Tasks” command in the textbox. The bot will send you the response with all your pending tasks.


Then you can click each task to view details in the Task message card.

If you are using Teams app from your mobile phone, you will get the notification from your mobile too.


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