How to install Yeeflow from Teams App Store

Yeeflow team
Yeeflow team

Yeeflow is published to Microsoft Teams app store. If you are currently using Teams, and you easily find and install. You can integrate Yeeflow with Microsoft Teams, which will allow you to create forms, workflow and applications.

Once you login to your Teams, From the left bottom menu, click on “Apps”, then in the app store, search “Yeeflow” from the search all textbox.


Click the “Yeeflow” app from the search result list. Then in the pop-up window, click “Add” button to install.


After Yeeflow is installed, Teams will navigate you to the Yeeflow app. By default, you will see 4 tabs on the top which are Conversation, Yeeflow, Admin and About. Click the second tab “Yeeflow” to open the main page.


Click the “Sign In” button to login with your Office 365 account. After login, there will show the new Yeeflow account registration page. From here, please fill in your company name, country / Regions and your Time Zone. Then click “CONTINUE” button to complete your registration.


After your registration is completed, you will be access the full functionality of Yeeflow.


If you already have registered a Yeeflow account with Non-Office 365 account (Sign up with email address), you can select the “Associate my account” button to associate your Yeeflow Account with the Office 365 Account.


If you select the account association, you need to Sign In with your existing Yeeflow Account.


After you installed the Yeeflow application in your teams, you can easily find it from your installed Apps list anytime. Just click more apps menu, and click “Yeeflow” from the apps list:


As the first person to register Yeeflow, your account will be automatically adding as the system administrator. So, you will be about to get the full control of all the functions to be managed. 


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