How to Set Up Office 365 User Sync Services

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User Sync is a tool which moves user and group information from your organization’s enterprise directory system - AAD ( Microsoft Azure Active Directory) to your organization’s directory in Yeeflow Admin Center.  

Each time you run User Sync, it looks for differences between the user and group information in the two systems, and updates the Yeeflow directory to match the information in your Office 365 directory.

Tips : To set up Office 365 user sync in Yeeflow, you must have the sufficient permission in AAD. 

Before you start

Before you start, here are some things to know before this process.

  • You need to be an administrator in Office 365 directory to connect it. 
  • You need to understand which users or groups in Office 365 directory should be Yeeflow users.
  • You need to decide which information in Office 365 directory should be updated in Yeeflow.
  • You need to update Yeeflow fields which will sync from Office 365.

Preliminary works

  1. Go to Yeeflow Settings(Admin center)  and click to "Organization"
  2. Click the Actions button at right top,  you will see ① Fields and ② Forms.mceclip0.png
  3.  Add/update ①Fields if any: Yeeflow has some defaulted fields and you may have some more fields to sync.  Please refer to below [Configuring Parameters] for directory mapping. 
    As a sample, we add some fields in circled.
  4. Update ②Forms if any: Yeeflow has a defaulted layout and you may need to add or remove some fields according Fields management, which reflects results in a good review. 

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Set Up the Service

Below is a step-by-step guide for setup:

  1. Go to Yeeflow Settings(Admin center)  and click to "Organization"
  2. Click "+New User" on right top and select "Office365"
  3. You will be taken to the User Sync Services site. Click the blue button and go to step by step page.
  4. Configure Office 365 step by step: click "Connect Office 365" to start.
  5. You are asked to login with Office 365 administrator account and "Accept" the permissions request.
  6.  "SPA Account" and "Name" are mandatory to sync, click "Add Field" to sync more fields. Please refer to below [Configuring Parameters] for directory mapping.
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    Configuring Parameters

    Once the configuration fields are set up, you can run the tool on the command. The tool accepts optional parameters that determine its specific behavior in various situations. Below are available fields for syncing(will add more in future).

    Grid in AAD Name in AAD Name in Office 365 Name in Yeeflow ID(Yeeflow) Field Type Remarks(Yeeflow)
    Identity userPrincipalName UPN (userPrincipalName) Login Account (SPAccount) Login Account String ReadOnly and defaulted;
    e.g.  alias@domain
    Identity Name DisplayName (displayName) User Name (Name) Name_CN String ReadOnly and defaulted
    Identity User name Email (mail) Email(Email) Email String Customizable
    Identity Last name Surname (surname)     String New and Customizable
    Identity First name GivenName (givenName)     String New and Customizable
    Identity User type UserType (userType)     String New and Customizable
    Summary Image Photo (special_photo) Profile Picture (Photo) Profile Picture Image Customizable
    Job info Job title JobTitle (jobTitle) Job Title (JobTitle) JobTitle String Customizable
    Job info Manager LineManagers (special_lineManager) Line Manager (LineManager) Line Manager User

    Manager should be in Yeeflow users or sync list, else it will be blank

    Job info Department Department (special_department) Department (DepartmentID) Department String Create a new one when first syncing

    Contact info

    Country or region Country (country)     String New and Customizable
    Contact info Office OfficeLocation (officeLocation)     String New and Customizable
    Contact info City City (city)     String New and Customizable

    Contact info

    Mobile phone mobilePhone (mobilePhone) Mobile No. (Mobile) Mobile String Customizable

    Contact info

    ZIP or postal code PostalCode (postalCode)     String New and Customizable
        CompanyName (companyName)     String New and Customizable
        EmployeeId (employeeId)  Employee No.(EmployeeNo) EmployeeNo String Customizable
        FaxNumber (faxNumber)     String New and Customizable

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  7.  Click "Continue" and select the all users or specific groups which you decide to sync. 
  8.  Click "Continue" . Then you need to click "Start Syncing users" to save and run this services.
  9. Upon a successful setup, you will be taken to the User Sync Services homepage and review the configuration. 

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Case Run

In this sample, we have 4 users in specific group to be sync with Office 365.  After the sync runs, we will see the results:

  • Add 2 more users in Yeeflow: User3 and User 4
  • Add 3 more organization in Yeeflow:  GMO; Sales; Procurement.


  • Yeeflow fields are updated to match Office 365's directory. mceclip15.png

Manage the service

After your configuration, you may need to know more about how to managing this services. 

Please go to Monitoring and Managing User Sync Services . You may run a manual sync, edit the services or stop it.  

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