How to set user as System administrator

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Your account needs to be as system administrator if you're intending to:

  • Manage your organization
  • Create and manage workflows
  • Create and manage workspaces

You need have the system admin permission firstly and you can follow the steps to assign other Yeeflow user(s) to be the system administrator also. 

Note: As the system administrator has the full control of Yeeflow, please ensure the user account need the privilege before your authorize it.

Manage system administrator

Click setting buttonmceclip0.png on the top right to open Admin Center, then click Company Information.


Click the third Edit  (on the right of "System Administrator" section). You will see all the users who have the admin permission, and you may add some more user(s) or remove someone in this list. 


Select the users that you would like to add, or delete the existing one(s).

Then click OK to save the changes.

Warning:  You cannot delete an organization's subscriber. Picture12.png

Then you will see the users you updated is under system administrator.


Note: You can add multiple users to this list, Yeeflow does not have the limitation about the numbers of admin users.


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