Monitoring and Managing User Sync services

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After configuration, you can monitor and manage the services via User Sync Service homepage

If you are using User Sync as an ongoing process, you’ll also want to know:

  • Manual Sync now
  • Monitor what is going on and see if any errors have occurred
  • Edit sync fields mapping
  • Edit sync users or groups
  • Disconnect account and stop it


Manual Sync

Before the scheduled and automatically sync, you can click "Sync now" to run the job immediately. 



Monitor sync services

Anytime you can click "Manage users" to monitor the sync results. 


There will be a pop-up a window and you will see all sync history. Input keywords to search a specific user(s) if any.



Edit Fields mapping

In the section of Office 365 settings, click "Edit Fields" and you will see items as:

  • Delete icon:  click to delete the mapping field and which stops the fields sync
  • Add Field:  add some additional fields to sync
  • Save: after your updates, you must "Save" it to activate.



Edit sync users or groups

Scroll down and you can see and click "Edit selected" to change which users or groups in Office 365 directory will be Yeeflow users.




Disconnect Office 365 sync (stop services)

You can stop the existing sync services by clicking "Disconnect account". 


A pop-up window will be noted:

"Once you disconnect your account, we will stop syncing your users. Existing Office 365 users will remain active on your site."

Once confirmed, you will be taken to the refreshed page without sync information. However, you can re-setup your sync services in future.

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