Quick Start - Add users to your Yeeflow Organization

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To add more users to your Yeeflow organization. You need to firstly login to yeeflow with the account that has the admin permission. 

After login, go to click the "Admin Center" from the top-right navigation bar.



Click "User Management" to open the organization and users management page.


In the Organization and Users management page, you can manage your organization chart, add new users, active/inactive/delete users, and approve the pending requests.

1. Organization Chart - Manage the Organizational Hierarchy Structure by add nodes and sub-nodes. You can design your organization based on the business unit, divisions, subsidiary and departments etc.

2. Add Yeeflow user - You can add new users via the email address, and set user profile information properly.

3. Invite users - You can invite users to join your organization by email, and set users to specific sub-organization.

4. Import users - You can bulk import users with excel file.

5. User Sync - If you signed up your Yeeflow with Office 365 Account, Or installed Yeeflow from the Teams App Store, you will see this menu. You can configure the user sync service to sync your Office 365 accounts automatically (To configure this sync service, you will be required to login with the Office 365 Admin account). 

For more information about how to configure the user sync service, please refer: How to Set Up Office 365 User Sync Services.

6. Access requests - Users might apply to join your organization. You can see the new request from here. And approve or reject their request.

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