How to create an Application?

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If you have the Owner or Creator permission of a workspace, then you can see the "+ New Application" button under the workspace.


Click the "+ New Application" button to create a new application. There are 3 options: start with a template, start from scratch or import from a local template file.


1. Start with a template

Click "Start with a template" to enter the template library with all the available application templates.

You can choose by categories or type keywords to search the template you want from the left bar of the library.


Click on the template you prefer to try to see its introduction page.


Click the "Use template" button to create the application with this template.


After the template is installed, you can try to use and customize it per your needs.


2. Start from scratch

Click the "Start from scratch" to create a new application. In the pop-up window, fill in the required information properly:


(1) Set the icon for the application. You can select an icon provided by system or upload a custom one.

(2) Fill in the application name and description. Please note that applications' names cannot be duplicated.

(3) Administrators - Select the application's administrators. The app admin have the full control about this application, like add new list and dashboard, customize list fields, configure the views and list workflows etc. You can set multiple users as the app admins.

(4) Editors - Select the editors of this application. The editors cannot change the applications definitions, but can manage the contents of the content lists inside the application. Set "All Users" if you want everyone in your organization can have the edit permission.

(5) Visitors - Select the visitor of this application. Users with the visit permission can access this application. Set "All Users" if you want everyone in your organization can have the visit permission.


You can check this article to get more information of application permissions:

Permission groups for workspaces and applications

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