Create a Workspace (System admin only)

Yeeflow team
Yeeflow team
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To create a new workspace, go the the applicaitons from Yeeflow web site or Microsoft Teams App.

Go down to the end of this page, Click the "+Add a Workspace" button to open the new workspace creation page.


Fill in the worksapce name. Then assign the proper permissions.

(1) Owner - set the owners of this workspace. Can add multiple users as the owners.

(2) Creator - the users with the creator permission can create new applications under this workspace. Set "All Users" if you want everyone in your organization can create new applications.

(3) Visitor - the users with the visitor permission can see this workspace but cannot manage this workspace or create new application. Set "All Users" if you want everyone in your organization access this workspace.

After all set, click the "OK" button to create the worksapce.

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