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Yeeflow will automatically send email to system administrator(s) once some workflow error occurred. 

You may receive some email with 'Error Notification' with CustomStatusCode of 540009 after someone submitted/approved a form request.

E.g.  An email of 'Travel request form -Error Notification'.


Why this error?

This error (''CustomStatusCode'':540009) would be occurred as you deleted some existing field(s) (e.g. "Message":"[\"Text2\") in data list(Application) which was associated with the form variable(s) before.  

How to fix? 

You can follow below guide for future fix but the existing error record(s) can not be fixed. But you may recall these in progress and restart with your fixed version. 

Step 1. Locate the error action - Set Content List 

  1. Go to Workflow SettingsWorkflow Instance → Find this <Tracking No. >
  2. You may check from Workflow Log and then click Flow Chart


You will be taken to its workflow chart. The error is in the pending action in yellow. 



Step 2. Find the associated list

  1. Go to this workflow Designer.  Enter Workflow.
  2. Go to the error action and locate the associated list. (e. g.  it's Travel Records in Demo Data Center)


Step 3. Add the deleted field(s) in data list

  1. Go to Applications and locate 'Demo Data Center' → ‘Travel Records’.
  2. Click + to add new field, you MUST select the same type with the deleted one. (e. g. a text box for Text2').
  3. Define the label name if any.
  4. Click 'Save' and it fixes.


If you got the message with more fields (e.g. "Message":"[\"Text2\",\"Datetime1\"), please add all these deleted fields to fix it. 


Step 4.  Verify it with a new submission(if any)

To make sure it's fixed well, you may submit a new form or monitor the next submission. 

If it works and you will see the some associated values in the new-add field(s).  

However, these historic records can not be restored as they were deleted permanently. 



After your fixed, If you think the deleted field(s) that mentioned your error message is/are not useful indeed.

You need go to Workflow Designer. and delete the associated relationship firstly - unchecked the item(s)  and ‘OK’ to proceed.


You need to Publish it.

Then you go back to the list data and delete the useless field(s). 

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