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The form builder is the interface for building and modifying forms in Yeeflow. The following image shows the form builder for a Travel Reimbursement form:


1. Form Settings: This is the panel for the properties settings of the current form. Click variables to manage all the variables for this form. 

2.1 Control palette: This lists all the types of controls that you can add to your form. The above image shows just a few types of controls. You can scroll through the field palette to view all the available controls.

  • When you add a control to the form or select a control on the form, the selected control's Properties appear on the left. The properties of a control enable you to define the experience your users have when they enter data or take actions for that control.

2.2 Page palette: This is the panel for the page properties settings, you can set the background, validation, appearance, etc.

3. Form: This is where you define the fields and controls that your form is to contain. You can manage the controls in your form, which includes adding controls to your form, rearranging the controls in your form and deleting controls from your form.

 Different type of Forms

There are 3 type of forms you can design and manage from the form designer. Click the form title on the top-left to switch to other forms. For example click the "New Travel Request" for this case.


From the dropdown list, you can see three sections with different types of forms:

1. Submission Form: This form is the default form for new submission. One form definition will only have one submission form. You can design the form, change the name and set properties. But you cannot delete this form, and you cannot create other subumission form. 

2. Task Form: The Task form is used together with the "Assignment Task" action in the workflow designer. If you need the set different forms for each Assignment Task, you can create multiple task forms.

3. Print Page: A print page is a well-designed page for printing. It provides different layouts which you can design for the printing purpose. You need to configure a print button (Picture88.png) on your submission or task forms, and associate the print button with the Print Page. Then the users can click the "Print" button to print it out.


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