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A content list is a database for you to store and manage your business data. The content list is part of an application of Yeeflow. You can create the content list from an application.


There are 3 type of content list types:

  1. Data list: to store the structure data with fields;
  2. Document library: store documents with folders and custom fields.
  3. Calendar list: to store and display data with as a calendar;


The Set Content List action within the workflow designer is used to add new items, update existing items or delete items for the specific content list.

For example: You created a payment request form with the workflow process. 


There are couple of the fields hightlight in red. 

And you created an application called "Payment management", with a data list called "Payments". There are couple fields for the payment details. 


What you need is, after the payment request form is approved, you want to save the approved some of the fields info (hightlight in red from 1-4) to the "Payments" list.

To do that, you can configure the "Set content list" action to the workflow designer, before the "End" action. 


Select the "Set Content List" and then click the "Settings" button under the action to open the properties window. 


(1) Select the application that contains the content list from the applications dropdown list.

(2) Select the content list under the application from the lists dropdownn list.

(3) Select the execution type - Select Add to add new items to the content list; Select Update to update the exisitng items of the content list; Select Delete to delete items of the content list.

Selet Add, and click the Field Settings button to open the fields setting window:


(1) Shows all the fields of the selected content list (Fields of payments list for this case). Select the fields that you want to set values from the variables of this form.

(2) Select the variables to set to the fields.

After the fiels-values mapping is set, click the "OK" button to close this window. Then publish your form.

Then Submit a new payment request and have all the process been completed.


At the end of the workflow, it will call the "Set content list" action, and add a new item to the "Payments" list.


If you select to Update items of the selected content list in the "Set content List" action, besides the configuration of the fields settings, you need also configure the conditons, so that the system can know which item(s) you want to update.


If select Delete, you do not need to set the field settings, just set the Condition so that the system can know which item(s) you want to delete.


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