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To manage the workspaces and applications, go to the home page.


Introduce to the applications page

In the application center, you will see all the workspaces and the available applications of each workspace. 



1. Workspaces list

Here lists all the available workspaces. For end users, each user can only see the workspaces that have access permission. The System Admins can see all the workspaces and can change the orders of workspaces by clicking the right "Ordering" icon and drag to the new place.




2. Search box 

Click the search button to display the search box. You can search applications by name.



3. Workspace 

Display the workspace name per the defined order. The system admin and the workspace owners can see the down arrow behind the name. Click this arrow to edit or delete the workspace.



4. Application 

Display the available applications for the current user. If the current user is the system admin / the application admin, he will see the setting button behind the name. Click to manage the application.


(1) Click the Edit button to edit the properties of this application. (2) Click the Move to button to move the application to another workspace (Can only move to the workspace which the current user has the owner permission). (3) Click the Delete button to delete this application.


5 New Application

If the current user is the system admin or the workspace owner, the "+New Application" will be displayed at the end of the workspace. Click to create a new application from scratch or from our application templates.



6 + Add a Workspace

If the current user is the system admin, the "+Add a Workspace" will be displayed at the end of the application center.



Click to create a new workflow. Please refer this guide to learn more: Create a Workspace (admin only).


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