Error Notification - 540013

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Yeeflow will automatically send email to system administrator(s) once some workflow error occurred. 

You may receive some email with 'Error Notification' with CustomStatusCode of '540013'  after someone submitted/approved a form request.

E.g.  An email of 'Travel request form -Error Notification'.


Why this error?

This error ("CustomStatusCode":540013) would be occurred as:

The mentioned field(s) (e.g. "Message":"SAP Code") in Content List was set as an unique field, but the record from Form got a duplicate value in the associated variable. 


How to fix? 

You can follow below optionals for future fix but the existing process record(s) can not be fixed. 

If you cannot remember which Content List (or said 'list') was impacted. You need to locate the impacted list in error firstly.

Please refer to <fix steps 1-2> in Error Notification - 540009.


There are some solutions that depends on your situation.

  • Optional 1 -  Turn off the 'Unique Value' for the field(s) in Content List

It's only applicable as you defined a wrong properties for this field.

  1. Go to Applications and locate your list, e.g. 'Demo Data Center' → ‘Travel Records’.
  2. Edit the error field(s), e.g. SAP code. 
  3. Turn off the properties of 'Unique Value' and Save.

In this case, there is no unique verification and all records will be saved. 




  • Optional 2 - Define it in Form as an unique variable

It's only applicable for 1-1 relationship between the form and content list. In other words, if there is another form was also associated with the this content list and this same field. it may get errors still. 

  1. You still need turn off the unique check as above Optional 1.
  2. Go to this Workflow Designer.
  3. Click 'Variables'(near right-top), then go to 'Define unique variable'.
  4. Select the variable (e.g. SAP_Code) and 'Add variable' ,then click OK.
  5. Publish it and you have fixed it. 

Notes: It takes effect since it's published.



  • Optional 3 - Verify it between Form and Content List

It's an ultimate solution if you want to keep all going even though more relationships would be connected in future.

  1. Go to this Form Designer.
  2. Click 'Actions'(near right-top), define the action name and go to 'Steps'.
  3. You need two steps (Refer to Step 3.1, Step 3.2) to define this action.
  4. Add this action(e.g. Verify unique) to page rules(Refer to Step 4.1).
  5. Publish it and you have fixed it.

Note: For these processing records, you may recall them and they will process with the new form version to verify the unique.

Step 3.1 - Submit Form.   

You need a 'Execution Condition'  to use 'listLookup' condition that will check if the <Field> in Content list can be matched with the <Variable value> in Form designer. If yes, then 'Continue next step

Turn on the next step continuing.


The expression of 'Execution Condition':


And filters of 'Set Filter':


Step 3.2 - Confirm Dialog

You need a 'Execution Condition'  to use 'listLookup' condition that is opposite with Step 1.

Define your 'Confirm Question' to pop-up a note.


The opposite expression of 'Execution Condition':


Step 4.1 - Add the action under 'On Submit/Approve/Complete'

  1. Go to Page Properties;
  2. Add the action under 'On Submit/Approve/Complete' only.



Always it will be set in applicant form if there is an action 'Set Content List' to record this value after submission;

Or you have to copy the whole form into relative task forms to make double verification before going to next flow step. In this case, you need drag and drop the 'Task Panel' into these tasks forms and also confirm the 'Page properties' are in 'Read Only' as required. 


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