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Yeeflow team
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Yeeflow also has a good and easy integration when you're intending to creating an Application from Microsoft Teams.

Then you may learn how to Design your Application

Creating from Teams Tabs

Before this you may have a new or existing Team to add a channel.   

Then add a new Application to a channel of this Team.  

1. Go to the channel, and click the + on the tab bar.


2. In the pop-up window, enter "Yeeflow" to locate it. Then Add it.

Note: You may skip this if you have done it before.

3. Creating an Application as a channel

You will be redirected to the Yeeflow's page after your email account's authorization.

A workspace is the first entrance of your Applications. Or it's said as a warehouse of your Applications.

You may 

  • Add an existing Application to this Team directly (in case you have already built something); or
  • Create a new Application in your first use (as below)

Firstly, you need locate your new Application (in or ) and then create it().
Yeeflow provides two ways(refer to below & ) to create your new Application.  
Shared Workspace - It's a built-in workspace by default. 
Add a Workspace - You may add some specified workspace(s) as need.
+ to add a Application - Left-click your mouse to get more actions → ④&⑤
Start with a template - It offers application templates in commonly-used and popular. And you may install and start it very quickly. 
Start form scratch - It offers a blank application that you can start per your business.

When starting from scratch, you need define the Name and Description of your application, and Save to set up your new Application. 

Upon above steps, you will have a new blank Application as defined name.  And you may create a number of Applications as channels in this Team. 

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