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Yeeflow will automatically send email to system administrator(s) once some workflow error occurred. 

You may receive some email with 'Error Notification' with CustomStatusCode of '540011'  after someone submitted/approved a form request.

E.g.  An email of 'DM-Travel request form -Error Notification'.


Why this error?

This error ("CustomStatusCode":540011) would be occurred as:

The mentioned field(s) (e.g. "Message":"{\"key\":\"Decimal1\",\"type\":\"Decimal\",\"value\":\"2 days\"}") in Content List was set as an decimal field or other type of field, but the record from Form evaluated a different type value in the associated variable. 


How to fix? 

You can follow below optionals for future fix but the existing process record(s) can not be fixed. 

If you don't know which Content List (or said 'list') was impacted. You need to locate the impacted list in error firstly.

Please refer to <Fix Steps 1 & Step 2> in Error Notification - 540009.

Step 1. Find the error action - Set Content List 

Step 2. Find the associated list 

Step 3. Define which one is the right type

Once you find the error variable(Form) and field(Content list), you may decide which one is the right type which you would like to keep. Assuming we need to keep the field in this demo. 


Step 4. Replace the wrong variable with a right one

  1. Go to Workflow Designer and locate to"Forms"
  2. Find the associated variable of "Travel Duration" and remove it from all forms.
  3. Go to "Variable" (at right top) and delete this variable. If you cannot delete it, please check the pop-up message at right top, there will be some tips for page bound.
  4. Drop a new variable (with the same type as the field) to all forms as supposed. 
  5. Locate to "Workflow" and go the settings of "Set Content List"
  6. Go to "Field Settings" and remove the existing one(it's still be stayed even you remove it from variables). Delete it and replace with the right new one.mceclip3.png
  7. Click 'Save' and 'Publish'. 

Oppositely, if you want to keep the variable in Form, you need to replace the field in content list, and then go to "Workflow Designer" → "Set content list",  Tick the new field and evaluate the associated variable. 

Still you need publish it to complete. 


Step 5.  Verify it with a new submission(if any)

To make sure it's fixed well,  you may submit a new form or monitor the next submission. 



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