Error Notification - 540012

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Yeeflow will automatically send email to system administrator(s) once some workflow error occurred. 

You may receive some email with 'Error Notification' with CustomStatusCode of '540012'  after someone submitted/approved a form request.

E.g.  An email of 'DM-Travel request form -Error Notification'.


Why this error?

This error ("CustomStatusCode":540012) would be occurred as:

The mentioned custom list (e.g. "Message":,"Message":"CustomList disabled listID:1236927202654822400",) was deleted in Content List , but the "Set Content List" action task is still processing in Workflow designer. 


How to fix? 

You can follow below optionals for future fix but the existing process record(s) can not be fixed. 

In this case, the custom list was already deleted from Application, which cannot be restored.

Please refer to <Fix Steps 1> in Error Notification - 540009.

Step 1. Find the error action - Set Content List 

Step 2. Delete this action-Set Content List

When you locate at this action, you will check that there is no information under "Content List"  which was proposed to have something. 

Delete this action and publish it. 



Step 3.  Verify it with a new submission(if any)

To make sure it's fixed well,  you may submit a new form or monitor the next submission. 




In case of the "custom list" was deleted by wrong, you may go to "Application" and add a new content list as required. After that,  you can set the new content list to the error action. After published and you also fix it. 

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