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A field is the basic unit of a data list or form. Each field in a list or form holds an individual piece of that data. 

In a data list, the columns which are called fields hold individual pieces of data that make up a record.Fields display data and help you categorize, group and track information.


The fields management will be your first-step to build a data list. Yeeflow offers a quick way to add and edit fields.

Refer to the intro of fields before your starting. 

When you created a new list, the "Title" field will be created automatically by default.


1. Add Field(s)

Click the New column button, you can add more fields per required and you can see a right pop-up windows.

Define the field type firstly then set up the corresponding properties. Please note that once you finish setting the field properties, it's not allowed to change the field to another type which is completely different. E.g. A text box can be changed to a Text Area, but can not be changed to a number/currency...


Different field types have different properties for settings, you can refer to this article to check introductions for different filed types: Control and fields

Besides, there are some common properties among different fields.

  • "Unique Value" means that duplicated value is not allowed if it's ON.

  • "Placeholder" will be displayed when it's blank.

  • "Multiple" means you can add one and more values in this field.

  • "Required" means that it will be mandatory to fulfill if it's on the form.

  • "Add to Index" is important and a must to turn on if this field will be a conditional basis.


2. Edit Field(s)

Normally we have 2 functions to take a quick edit as below:

2.1 Single Edit


You will have a quick edit from the drop-down arrow of each field. 

You can edit the current one and also add one more field at its left/right.


2.2 Multiple Hide or Show


You may build a large of fields and some field(s) may not to be shown. Click "Hide fields" to manage its view. 

When the mouse move on the field name and you will see the position action at right. Drag and drop it to up or down and change its order. 



2.3 Full View and Edit

To take a full view of all fields in your list, click the menu button on the upper right of the list, then go to "Fields" .

On the Fields Management page, click the menu button on the right of each field to check or edit the existing fields.


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