Enable version control for data list

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Yeeflow allows you to track versions of your items/records. Once the version function is turned on, then any changes made to this item/record will be tracked and recorded. Only the administrator of this application/list can view the history info of versions. 

1.  Manage Versions

Click more action button (near right top) and go to "Versions".

A pop-up windows will be open. Tick "On“ and start tracking.

Note: Everytime you switch the radio button and click "OK" will retrieve your versions tracking.  And all items/records will find the latest version as the 1.0 version after it's new-on.

  • On: Create a version when an item has been added or edited.
  • Off: Do not create versions. All existing historical versions will be dropped.mceclip0.png

2. View Versions

Upon the version is on, you will see the more action button(right top) when the item/record is open. 


Click on "Version History" and you will see its version history since version is on.

The latest version is the current one. You may click on the green version number or more action button( each right) to view this version form. 


3. Re-On Versions

Upon your versions was "On" and then was "Off". Now you may need the versions again and turn it on again. 

You will only find the latest version as the current one. 


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