Create customized forms for three function pages.

  • New Item - Add new item(s);
  • Edit Item - Edit existing item(s);
  • View Item -View page of each item.

You can start from the steps as following:

  1. Add a Form
  2. Copy to a new one
  3. Display settings

Default Form

After the fields have be set, you may add some data by clicking "+Add" button (at upper right). 

Yeeflow has a defaulted layout which contains all fields to fulfil, check below is our demo view. You can keep it or you may custom it if any. 


Click the more action button(near +Add) and go to "Forms" settings page. You will see there is no customized form under"Forms" and generally you have three layouts/displays to be presented:

1, New Item; 2,Edit Item; 3, View Item.


1. Add a Form(s)

Firstly, you need go to "Forms" and click "+" to create your custom form. Define the form name, e.g. NewPage.  Then "Edit" it to be directed to a new and blank page.

The Fields that you created for the data list, drag-n-drop anyone to the Center panel

The Layouts &Other controls that provides some design tools,  and it helps you making a nice form.

The Form Property that you may define the whole form display size and executing rule if any.

④ The Center panel that you drop the column elements from left panel

The Component Properties that will be shown when you drop one field on in center panel, you will see it's own properties, e.g. appearance settings, validation settings.  

⑥ The More actions that you may add some temp variables or actions(related with form rules)

The Basic buttons that you may have a quick preview or closed your custom.

Do "Submit" to save once your work is finished. 



2. Copy to a new/existing form(if any)

After your custom the form of "NewPage" and you may copy this to a new form or replacement of existing form. You may take quick custom with the copied one.

As list form has 3 displays to show and you may custom 1-3 or more forms for different views. 


3. Display settings 

Upon your above completions, you need go to "Display Settings" to define the form selection.

You can set the three items with the same form or their own form if any.

  That you can select all of forms which includes the default layout

② That you can define this form to be shown in popup window or full window. 


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User Interface

If you have already added some item(s) in it. Let's have a simple review as customized by this demo. 


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