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Only the administrator can access and manage organization structure. You can manage organizational information through:

Manage Organization- Individually

Click setting buttonmceclip0.png on the top right (Go to "Admin" if using MS teams client) , visit "Organization".

  The company name is the parent organization node, which can not be deleted and you many change the name from "Company Information". E.g. Rebacca(LUNA Demo)

You will see "Default Organization" in sub-organization at your first visit, and you may edit it at any time. E.g. Department A

The organization ID is ahead of organization name, e.g. the [A] before "Department A(3)" is the organization ID.   


1. Create a sub-organization

Click more action button and +Create a sub-organization.  Input "Organization Name","Organization Type" and "Organization ID" to submit. 

The Organization ID should be an unique ID.

The "Manager" for the sub-organization is optional to have, which can be related with some task roles if it has.

Click OK and it's created.


Furthermore, you may create a sub-organization under this sub-organization. 


2. Edit Organization

 Any sub-organization you want to edit, click more action button of this organization name.


2.1 Modify

You can Modify all information as defined before. However the "Organization ID" can not change to an existing one, and you may edit failed if it occurs.

2.2 Move To

In case you created a sub-organization to an wrong parent-organization. Click Move To and then click on the right parent-organization to submit. 

All users in this sub-organization will be moved also. 

2.3 Delete

You can only delete this sub-organization with no users.

Before you want to  Delete this organization, make sure all users have been removed from it. 

Please refer to Manage Users for details.

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