Workflow Management for Data List

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Create list workflows which are associated to this list, set the start conditions to control when to run the workflows. Using the workflow designer to define the details of your business logic.

 Click more action button (at upper right) and go to "Workflows".

Click "+" and you will be directed to popup windows. 

1. Define your workflow trigger

Define the name and identifier. There are 3 types to trigger your workflow and which cannot be changed once workflow published.

 Add Item - it will be triggered only when creating a new item;

 Edit Item - it will be triggered when it meets "field conditions" and "data conditions";

 Date Field- it will be triggered on specified time when date field(s) meet it's conditions.mceclip2.png

You can define any type per business need.

In this demo, assuming that each item will trigger a approval to specified user by "Any Items". After confirm with "OK" and you will be returned below screenshot. 

You can click "+New Condition" to add more conditions to start, then the current workflow will be triggered if condition is met in its queue.

However you can "Disable" the condition and it will be skipped to trigger.


2. Define workflow designer

Now, let's go to "Open in Designer" and start your workflow configuration.

You may "ADD TASK FORM" if need or just jump to "Workflow" .



You may drag-n-drop any of "List of Fields" to the center panel, also if any more "Form Controls" will be some complements. Custom the task form as you like and "Rename" the page title(left top), e.g. Account Approval. 


2.2 Design Workflow

Assuming the item will be kept and continued only when it's approved, else it will be removed from data list.

At your first entering, there is only a green start action in workflow designer. You may drap any task action from left panel and connect with arrows. 


2.3 Save or Publish

Upon above completions, click "Save" only and you can be back for further design; Click "Publish" will popup to a publish confirmation.

"Edit" the process ID with a identified number.  

"PUBLISH" it if everything is done.


3. Review and Manage list workflow(s)

3.1 Review list workflows

According to your actions:

  • You saved workflow designer and closed.  You will see the workflow in grey color which means it can not work yet.
  • You published it and exited.  You will see this workflow in green color and which means it works immediately. 

 Add a demo item to verify this workflow and business logic:

  • When you have a view of this item,  click "Workflow"(near right top) and you will the process.


  • The designated approver will receive a pending task to take action.  


3.2 Stop list workflow(s)

You cannot disable the workflow directly. Alternately you can stop the published one(s) with no conditions met.

Please go to "List Workflows" again and click the one you would like to stop. Click "Disable" or "Delete" under "start conditions"  If there are 2 and more conditions, you need to disable or delete all of them. 


3.3 Re-trigger list workflow(s)

Still you need to re-trigger the stopped list workflow(s). Please go to "List Workflows" and enter a workflow.

① If there is/are some disabled conditions, "Enable" it easily;

 At any case,  you can "+New Condition" to add one or more.

Either of them will be effective immediately. 


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