Create and manage notifications for a data list

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Set notifications by conditions to send email to specific users/user groups.  

1. Add Notification

Click more action button (near right top) and go to "Notification". Click "+" and you will be directed to popup window.


Define the an identified name and then complete the settings for "When" , "Data conditions" ,"Recipients" and mail "Subject" and "Content".

When- you need select one of them to affirm your notification as you can not change it after it submitted.

  • Item Added
  • Item changed
  • Regular Reminder
  • Reminder by Date Field
  • Comments Added

Data Conditions-

  • Any Items 
  • Items when meet the conditions. Click "Setting" and popup a windows of condition editor, you can set with "And" and "Or" per need.




  • User and Group. it can be specified to be some user, organization and user group.
  • List Fields. It's related with the user fields in this data list.
  • Both above should be assigned at least one to process.


Mail - includes subject and content.

Click on the editor button at right. Both of them can be edit with free text or list field.



2. Manage Notification

Assuming a demo notification to send email to an user group and "Account Owner" when the "Rating" is "4" or "5(top)".  And you have already completed it. 

2.1 Enable an existing one

The notification is still disabled in grey and you need click "Enable" and confirm with "OK" to activate (in orange). And this notification will be process by conditions immediately. 


2.2 Edit a notification

If you want to verify more information, click "Edit" to have some review and edit if any.  You can edit all settings except "When" type. However you can add some more notifications per need.

2.3 Disable or Delete

Considering you want to stop some notification, click "Disable" and confirm with "OK", it will be disabled immediately.

Or "Delete" it permanently.  


User Interface

When the new item is added and the conditions met,  an email notification will be received in seconds. 

Clicking the link of "View Details" and you will be directed to the item view page.  


Note: If the recipient is not permitted to view the data list or this item, it will be open with "Access Denied". Please refer to permission management and check that.

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