How to manage my user usage

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An overview of all user usage can be monitored in the section of "Organization".

  • For MS Teams client - Go to "Admin" and visit "Organization"
  • For web browser - Go to "mceclip1.pngSettings" (near your avatar) and visit "Organization"

1. Monitor users

You can monitor any status of users:

  • Total users number - included active users and deactivate users;
  •  Active Users - billed seats and active seats
  • User Status - view all users' status in "Active" or "Disabled".
  • Pending for approval - click it if numbered and you can approve these who want to join your account.
  • Deleted Users - Anyone deleted will be tracked here. 


2. Manage Users

You may refer to Manage Users for more detail.  Per to manage your user usage, you may only need:

2.1 Delete User

Anyone you need to delete from your account, please click on that user and a pop-up windows can view this user's profile. Click "Delete" at right top, then confirm with "OK" to proceed.

Note: The deleted user cannot be activated again. However a new account will be generated if it's added again. 


2.2 Switch user status

You may have a quick switch to activate or deactivate an user as above mentioned.  The active users can not be over of your billed seats. 

2.3 Upgrade and get more

Also you may click "UPGRADE" to subscribe more licenses per more users. 

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