How to design your application menu and theme?

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As the administrator of an application, you can add several components to fulfill the functions. But sometimes, you may need to hide some components for users.


Besides, we will introduce how to manage the application theme, menu orders and other appearance settings in this article.


You will see the setting buttons on the up right corner of your application.


Click the setting button and select "Menu & Theme".


You can manage the application menu (components) and set application theme here.


1. Display or hide components

The application menu shows components of the application. You decide display or hide a components by turning on/off the switch buttons.


2. Change orders


Click the "position" button at the end of each item, drag and drop to change the components order displaying in the menu.


3. Set icons


Set a refined and specialized icon for each component.


Left click on a component, make sure the "Use Icons" switch is turned on, then select any icon you like.


Here is an example for application menu with icons:


4. Group components into sections

If there are too many components in an application, you can group them by clicking the "+" button on the top right corner. A new section will be created at the end of the application menu, you need to rename it to replace "Title".


After a section is created, click the "position" button at the end of a component, drag and drop it into the sections.


Same as components, sections also can be sorted. Click on a section, the function buttons will be displayed: Rename, Delete, Sort.


Please note that, before deleting a section, make sure there is no component inside, else you cannot delete it.



5. Show the Menu on the top or left

There are two styles for showing the application menu. By default, It will be showed on the top. You can set to show the menu on left through the settings at the bottom of this page.


An example for the menu showed on left:


6. Change theme color of the application

You can change the theme color easily by selecting a color here.


The theme color settings will effect the application's menu and the header:


Learn more about how to customize the icon and color:

Customize the application icon and color

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