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Yeeflow team
Yeeflow team
How to edit application information and locate your hided components?

As the administrator of an application, you can edit the application information by clicking the setting buttons on the upper right in the application, and then select "App Settings".


On the setting page, you can check information like the name, creator, created time and permissions of the application. Meanwhile, all components inside will be listed here.



Edit application information

When editing the basic information of the application, click "Edit Info" and you will see the editing popup window. Change the application name, descriptions, administrators, editors and visitors here.



Check all components, especially the hided ones

All components inside the application will be listed by categories. You can take an overview of them here.

To access a component page, just click the name of it. This will help you locate the hided components which cannot be seen on the home page of the application.





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