Configuring Google login for Yeeflow Service Portal

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This guide details how to configure Yeeflow to allow login and registration with Google OAuth2.



  1. Go to, on the top left click on Select a project

  2. On the top right, click on New Project


  3. Fill in the Project Name field. You can also edit the Project ID (optional), then click on Create
    (This can take a while, so wait a minute as needed for it to appear.)


    3a. It is possible that errors are displayed after creating the project. Ignore them and refresh the page with Ctrl+F5


    3b. Submit your app for verification following OAuth API verification FAQs - Google Cloud Platform Console Help

  4. Select your project clicking on the project name, click on OAuth consent screen on the left panel, select External and then click on Create



  5. Fill as appropriate; we recommend populating all these fields, then click Save.
    In the example below we use, be sure to use the URL of your Yeeflow service portal site including http:// or https://. All our hosted customers have HTTPS active by default.

    :information_source: As of 2021/09/13 (September 13), Google will require you to use https.

    Noting that changing the Application logo, Google will ask to verify the site



  6. Go to the Credentials tab on the left, click on + CREATE CREDENTIALS and then click on OAuth client ID


  7. Choose Web application as the Application Type.
    In the Authorized JavaScript Origins section, add your site’s base url, including http:// or https://.
    In the Authorized Redirect URI section, add the base url with /auth/google_oauth2/callback. Click the Create button.

    :information_source: As of 2021/09/13 (September 13), Google will require you to use https.



  8. The OAuth client dialog will appear with client ID and secret.

  9. (Optional) From your project, clicking on Credentials from now on you will find the OAuth credentials to edit or delete

  10. In your Yeeflow site settings, check enable google oauth2 logins, and fill in your google oauth2 client id and google auth2 client secret provided earlier.

That’s it, Google login should now work on your Yeeflow service portal! Go ahead and test it out with any Google account.

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