Configuring Twitter login for Yeeflow Service Portal

Yeeflow team
Yeeflow team
  1. Go to 860 and sign in with a Twitter account. If you have not yet created a Twitter developer account, you will be asked to create one.

  2. Click the Create an app button and apply for a developer account.





  3. Fill in all mandatory fields, read and accept the Developer Agreement

    At this point you will be you will be asked to name your app. From your Dashboard you will see your the newly created app




  4. Open the app settings

    • The App Permissions should be set to Read Only

    • Enable the Authentication Settings clicking on the :pencil2:Edit button.



  5. In the Authentication Setting tab be sure to:

    • Activate the setting Enable 3rd party authentication

    • Activate the setting Request email address for users

    • Enter the Callback URLs of your site, e.g. (replacing the domain with your site’s actual domain name. The preferred protocol is in HTTPS. All the sites we host are already configured to use the HTTPS protocol)

    • Enter the Website URL, e.g., (replacing the domain with your site’s actual domain name. The preferred protocol is in HTTPS.)

    • Enter the URLs for your tos and policy stuff. If you have an organization, also fill in the fields related to it

    • Save



  6. Click on the Keys and tokens tab and then click on :eye:View Keys.



    • Enter your Yeeflow service portal site settings and search for “twitter”.

    • Activate the site setting enable twitter logins

    • Copy the Twitter API key in the twitter_consumer_key field and the Twitter API key secret in the twitter_consumer_secret field.


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    Renger Hu

    I cannot find the place to set up twitter login within the service portal I create. There are any additional configuration I need to do to make it available?


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