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Yeeflow team
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With Yeeflow form/dashboard designer, you can add custom CSS to every SectionColumn or control


Add Custom CSS to controls

  1. Select the section, column or any other control on your page to open the settings panel.
  2. Go to Advanced > Custom CSS
  3. Add your CSS code for the control to the editor.



Add Custom CSS to form/page

  1. Go to the form / dashboard page designer, from the controls panel, switch to the Page tab. 
  2. Go to Custom CSS Section.
  3. Add your CSS code for the control to the editor.



Please also note that some user-supplied custom CSS code may interfere or conflict with Designer and cause issues such as being unable to use Designer to edit fonts, or other styling options. If you find yourself having some of these issues, copy your custom CSS code to a safe place, temporarily remove your custom CSS code from the page, and check to see if that code was causing the problem. 


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