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Only Yeeflow administrator can access and manage users.

You may manage users as listed:

Go to "Admin" tab if using Teams, or click on the settings icon near your avatar when using web browser.  Then click "User Management". 


1. Add New Users(s)

Click "+New User" and you may have some user types to select per your Yeeflow account. 


a) Add User -You can add anyone with an email address to join. The  "Email Account" is a must and it will be the user's login account and it's unchangeable.    

Check "Send Invitation email" and the user will receive an invitation email by system. 


b)  Invite Users - take a quick invitation with up to 10 users at one time.

Please refer to How to invite Users to your organization

c) Import Users - bulk import with your excel file. 

Please refer to How to Import users to your organization?

d) Office 365 - manage O365 sync services if you have a Office 365 account and you are the administrator also. 

Please refer to Monitoring and Managing User Sync services

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2.  Select / Bulk Manage User

Click "Select" at the right top menu bar, you may bulk manage the existing users. Click "Cancel" and quit this action.


2.1 Move

Tick these users you want to move and then click "Move" at right top.  

Click on the organization name which proposed to be moved. 

Click "OK" to submit.


2.2 Delete

Tick these users you want to delete and then click "Delete" at right top.  

Click "OK" to submit. Please be noted that the deleted user(s) can not be reactivated again and you can  check all deleted records in "Deleted Users" at left bottom.


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3. Search User

Type keyword and enter to search someone. The keyword can be recognized from “Name”,"Account" and "Email". 

You may click on the sub-organization name and then search under it.

And all users including  both active users and deactivated users can be searched by your company parent organization. 

4. Active Users/Manage User status

Click on the section of "Active Users", you can view and switch status for each user. It's effective immediately and the reactivated user can login and have all historic data in his/her account. 

Learn more how to Activate or Deactivate users

Note: The active users can not be over of your billed seats. 

5. Pending for Approval

Please refer to Approve new requests for joining to Yeeflow

Once approved the pending user will be activated to be a new user immediately. 

If the pending user already has a "Yeeflow account" and you don't want to add it as a new user. Do "Reject" it and go to  "Edit User Profile", you may need to bind it to an existing account. 

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