Custom user attribute fields & views & forms

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Only Yeeflow administrator can access and custom user settings as:

  • User attribute fields
  • List view - a quick view by listed 
  • Forms - detailed add page, view page and edit page 

Click setting buttonmceclip0.png  on the top right (Go to Admin if using Microsoft Teams client).

Select User Management.

Click more action button at right top and you may manage:

  Fields      List View        Forms


1. Fields Management

Once on the fields management page, you may

  • Add new field(s) 
  • Edit existing field(s) 


Yeeflow has some defaulted fields which can not be deleted and you have limited edit right to modify. 

1.1  Add new fields

Click  "+New Field" on right top, you can add more field(s) per need and you can see a right pop-up windows. Define the field type firstly which can not change to other properties(e.g. A text box can be changed to a textarea, but can not be changed to a number/currency...)


1.2 Edit defaulted fields

Click more action button at the end of each field, you can edit the label or default value. 



1.3 Edit custom fields

You can edit all attributes of your custom field(s) . 



2. List View

List view will help you to custom the display list fields on the page of organization.

Go to List View and there is a pop-up windows. 


Click Settings and you will be directed to the page of "Display Fields".  Tick these fields you want to display and you can order as needed. 

Yeeflow supports mobile use and you may manage the mobile display also. 


3. Forms

Forms management helps to custom the form display if you would like to have specific page view for each operation. 

Go to Forms and you will see a right pop-up windows. Yeeflow has a defaulted form and you may refer to Forms Custom for Data List  ( it works as the same way) to add more forms for specific display.  


Switch to Display Settings, Select your customized "Forms" and drop-down  "Open in" as applicable.

  • New Item - applicable for adding new user.
  • Edit Items - applicable for editing user's profile.
  • View Items - applicable for viewing user's profile. 


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