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Only the administrator can access and manage user profile. 
Go to "Admin" tab if using Teams, or click on the settings icon mceclip0.png near your avatar if using web browser.  visit "User Management". You can edit any user profile by clicking on the user item. And you will see a pop-up windows. Then click

  • Edit - a pop-up windows will be there.
  • Delete - confirm "OK" to delete it permanently and it cannot be reactivated. you may check all  records in "Deleted Users" at left bottom.


1.  Edit a user's profile

Once on the Edit Profile page, you can not modify the Login Account once it's created. 

There are 4 fields are mandatory to fulfilled.

  • Name - User's display name in Yeeflow 
  • Email - The email address that you will receive task notification or email notification if any. It's the same with your account normally and you may change it to some specific one.
  • Department - your display organization information and refer to Manage Organization for more.
  • Line Manager -your supervisor if any logic requires.

Learn more if you need to custom this profile page:  Custom User profile and form


2. Bind or Uncound Account

Per your Yeeflow account, you may have WeChat Work to bind account (For WeChat Work integration, please contact our sales for queries).

Upon your organization has already been integrated,  there will be "+Bind Account" under the Account Name.  


You may need to unbind the account if any. Click "unbound bindings" and confirm to submit. it will be effective immediately.


3. Delete a user

Deleting a user removes their access from this organization, but it cannot affect its access from other organization(s). 

Warning:  You cannot delete an organization's subscriber. You need contact support@yeeflow.com if you want to transfer the subscription and delete this one. 

A deleted user can't be restore its contents and data again. You need to reinstate a user, you'll need to invite some users to your organization , but it will be a new user then. 

Instead, you may need to deactivated this account if the user will be activate again. Please refer to : Activate or deactivate users


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