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When you sign in to your Yeeflow account,

  • As a system administrator, you can see and manage your company/organization profile. Please refer to Setup your company information.
  • As an user, you can see and manage your account personalization.

When you aren’t signed in, some information about your Yeeflow activity is saved in a cookie or similar technology on your device to help Yeeflow work better for you.

To choose what data is used to make Yeeflow services more useful to you, sign in and you can manage your personalization in your account.  Click on your account avatar on right top, then click "Profile & preferences":




And again click on the avatar to enter the personal information page. You can manage

  1. Photo avatar
  2. Your account language
  3. Time zone
  4. Date format

Your display name, email and phone can not be modified by yourself. You need contact the system admin to update if any. 


Upload your avatar

You will have a default avatar. Click on "+"  to upload your avatar. 


Set your preferred language

Yeeflow is available in five languages:  Chinese(simplified); Chinese(traditional); English; Japanese and German. You will have the default language(e.g. English) per your company setting. But you can set another language (e.g. German) as your preferred language.


Set your own time zone

You will have the default time zone(e.g. UTC+8:00) per your company setting. You can choose your own time zone (e.g. UTC) per your location.


Set your preferred date format

You will have the default date format per your company setting, and you may choose either one to be your preference. 



Upon your updates and click "SAVE" to submit. It will be displayed every time you sign into Yeeflow. 



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