Create a new organization

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 One email account can sign up multiple organizations. 

Navigate to and click "Sign in" at top right.  You can enter your email address and password to logon. Alternatively you may "Continue with Microsoft/Google" if applicable. 


Create a new organization

Upon your successful logon. you will be taken to the page and you will see all organizations associated with your account(email address). 

Click the button of "Get Started" at the bottom  to create a new organization. 


Define your new organization. After completing all required fields and verification, you can click "Agree and Sign up".  


And your new organization has been ready!  You will receive an email with the details of your account and organization.

At the next page, you may invite others to join , or skip it and you will be taken to your Yeeflow homepage. 


Invite others to join your organization

You may quickly invite others to join your new organization. Enter their email addresses as login accounts,  click "+Add another" to add more. Click "Add Teammates" to send email invitation. 

The invitee will receive an email with your organization details then. 

Please refer to How to join an organization for further action.


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