How to join an organization

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You may receive some email invitation (like below) if someone has invited you to join his/her organization. You can join multiple organization(s) as possible. 


Click "Join Now" button and it will be taken to the login page. You will need to use that email to create an new account or log in to Yeeflow to join that organization.

  • If your email is a Microsoft account (include work/school account and personal account), you can choose "Continue with Microsoft"; 
  • If your email is a Google account, you can choose "Continue with Google";
  • Or you can choose to continue with this email to continue which will log in to Yeeflow using a separate account password.


Continue with email address

Click "Continue" below your email address,  you will be directed to :

  • Sign up with creating an Yeeflow account for you - if it's your first time to join by email. You need set your "Full name" and "Password" to sign up. 


  • Login your account - if you already have an account. Enter your password to login. In case you forget your password, please click "Can't log In?" at the bottom.


Continue with Microsoft / Google

Click "Continue with Microsoft /Google "you will be directed to its integrated logon page.  

You need enter your account and password to sign in.


Joined directly or Select organization 

Upon your successful logon. If you have only one organization associated with your email address.  You will be taken to the Yeeflow homepage. Or you need to select one organization to open. 

Your rights and permissions in this organization is a normal user. And you need contact the inviter for more permissions. 


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